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Phantom Infinity Retractable Screen Solutions™ are manufactured by Seiki Screen Systems™ of Japan, the world’s largest manufacturer of retractable screens.

Infinity Screens are manual retractable screens for folding wall systems and other large openings. Manufactured by Seiki Screen Systems™, Infinity Screens provide insect protection, open living spaces to the outdoors, and let in outside air.

Features & Benefits
Infinity Screens allow you to screen folding wall systems or large openings without limitations on the span or width. The maximum number of panels is virtually unlimited, and any of the 3 ft. panels can be designated as an entryway.

  • Remains out-of-sight until needed
  • Allows full ventilation, providing protection from insects
  • Blends seamlessly with the décor of the building
  • Allows screening of large openings with limitless pull distances
  • Enables easy access between each 3 ft. panel
  • Features durable pleated mesh technology
  • Features low profile bottom rail
  • Offers smooth and safe operation
  • Delivers superior quality and easy clean design
  • Opens spaces to outdoor living and allows more natural light into the building
  • Provides additional peace of mind with backing of Limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding mesh & tension wire).

  • Folding wall systems
  • In-swing and Out-swing doors (inside jamb application)
  • Oversized openings
  • Covered patios & outdoor rooms
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Color Options
Infinity Screens come in 3 standard aluminum color options as shown below. Plastic parts are available in black finish.

white Dark Bronze Silver
White Dark Bronze Silver


The Infinity Screen — or any portion of it — can be easily opened at any of its connection points and slid to the side. The maximum number of panels is virtually unlimited, restricted only by structural steel constraints.

Please refer to the chart below for maximum and minimum size dimensions.


Style Height Width
Single Panel 39 3/8” to 110 1/4” 19 11/16” to 39 3/8”
Multiple Panels 39 3/8” to 110 1/4” Unlimited

*Note:These color samples are to be used as a general color guide only. Please review actual aluminum and plastic color samples for true accuracy.

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