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Executive Screen

When you invest time and effort in creating a beautiful building design that features impressive views and individual design, you want to enjoy it all to the fullest extent possible. Motorized Executive Screens by Phantom® add livability, comfort, convenience, and sophistication to any design project by blocking what you would rather live without: insects, excessive heat, and glare.

Phantom Screens are the ideal solution for double French door applications of the in-swing or out-swing variety. Low profile housings mount subtly to the door frame, enhancing functionality while retaining decorative flair. There when you need it and not when you don't; no other door screen is as stylish, versatile and functional.


Features & Benefits

  • Retracts out-of-sight when not in use
  • Supplies enhanced privacy
  • Includes a pet resistant screen option
  • Allows full ventilation, providing protection from insects and UV rays
  • Comes in a variety of popular designer colors and wood grain finishes
  • Fits most oversized applications
  • Includes a power feature with optional wall-control or remote-control that can be linked to the home automation system
  • Enables recessing of the screen housing and tracks into walls, ceiling cavities, and columns to create a fully retracted screening solution
  • Ensures years of trouble-free operation
  • Comes in sturdy aluminum extruded housing, equipped with brush pile seal
  • Delivers superior quality with the installation by experienced professionals
  • Guarantees additional peace of mind with the Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Applications Perfect for both commercial and residential projects, Executive Screens offer versatile screening solutions for a wide variety of applications:
  • Balconies
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Lanais
  • Picture Windows


Executive Screens are available in Almond, Brown, Sandal Wood, Black, Beige, White, Green, Grey, and Bronze.
white Driftwood Beige
Classic White Driftwood Beige
Coastal Grey hartford green
Coastal Grey Hartford Green
silvered almond rideau brown
Silvered Almond Rideau Brown
Sandal wood Phantom Black
Sandal Wood Phantom Black
Sandal wood

These color samples are to be used as a general color guide only. Please review actual aluminum and plastic color samples for true accuracy.

Additionally, Phantom Screens offers a customized color match program that will allow you to match Executive Screens to your specific interior or exterior color scheme. Please click here to view our Custom Color program details.

Screen Style Height/Width Pull Length
Motorized Oversized I 34" to 20' w Max 11'
  Oversized II 20' 1/8" to 25' w Max 16'
Manual Oversized I 24" to 19' w Max 11'

Mesh Options
Executive Screens have a variety of screening and shading options to enhance the unique features of any building:

  • Insect: Reduces up to 55% of UV rays and keeps insects out
  • Solar: Blocks the sun`s heat and glare by up to 75% while keeping insects out
  • Premium Solar: Offers substantial shading and reduces fading by blocking up to 80% of UV rays
  • Pet Friendly: Resists damage by dogs and cats while providing excellent visibility and up to 55% UV protection
  • Privacy: Provides up to 100% blockage of UV rays
    *Note: Not all mesh options are available in all sizes.

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